Friday, 4 March 2016

Traffic sights in Vietnam, Cambodia and China

I've decided a separate blog entry is necessary to show off the traffic, motorcycles, interesting conveyances and some interesting cargo.

A few years ago I bought a V-Star 1300, as I found my 850 motorcycle didn't have enough room to strap on everything I needed for trips. It now appears obvious that I just didn't know how to strap on things efficiently.

Unfortunately some of the pictures are blurry.  It was hard to capture the moving vehicles.  Unfortunately I missed many interesting sights including a motorcycle carrying sheets of glass, rebar, bricks of ice. ....

It was also interesting to see how many people could fit on a scooter: saw several with 5 people on them. In Vietnam they were placing their rain capes over the front of their scooters and the lights shone through in a variety of colors. Little passengers often sat under their parents rain capes. In China the scooters were used in the cold weather and had specially made padded blankets fitted on and large mitt like coverings for the handlebars.

During this trip I had 13 flights, rode a bullet train (speed reached 307 kms), a sleeper train, took rickshaws and Tuk-tuks,  buses, sleeper buses, coaches, taxis, subways, escalators, elevators (8 meters a second), rented scooters in two different locations, was on a cruise ship in Halong bay, took a 8 hr. Water taxi, rode in tour boats, row boats and a variety of other small boats and I'm sure I missed some things.

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