Sunday, 27 December 2015

Six long years I had been paying into a special program at work called Deferred Salary. Now to reap the rewards. Starting today, I have 8 months off - paid by using the monies that have been deducted from my salary.

Cambodia has been a destination desire for a long time - especially Angkor Wat.

I have done a lot of travels on my own. During my last deferred salary opportunity I traveled to Peru and was fortunate enough to see Machu Picchu  and the Amazon. My intention was to travel alone again. However, a good friend of mine said to me one day while having coffee (actually tea), "Kurtis(her husband) doesn't think you should go alone and we could go with you". I'm blessed with good friends. So Kurtis and Sharon will be traveling with me for awhile. They are travel pros and have been all over the world.

So, my intention is to record in this blog my trip(s). So far my destinations are
Vietnam, Cambodia and China -January and February.
Bike trip either June or July
Iceland in August with my 12 year old granddaughter.

I have no idea what else will occur during my leave; how the dollar will impact, what travel sales will appear and how being away from my family will impact me.

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