Monday, 4 January 2016

Lots of preparation

Getting ready for my first adventure is taking more preparation than I'm used to - and more funds. Four sets of visa/passport photos: Cambodia, Vietnam, China and an international driving license. Each of these with their cost. Pictures for China and Vietnam had to be done twice as CAA's photo camera has the sizes calculated by country.  However, they did not match what the visa size requirements.

Vaccinations  - presently the Typhoid vaccination is in short supply.  Hopefully, there will be some by the time I depart.
First time Ive had a Visa added to my passport.

I had to send my passport to the Chinese consulate in Calgary in order to obtain a visa. $158 to the consulate, $23 for the pictures, $28 to Canada Post. The Cambodian and Vietnamese should be cheaper. Today I received it. It feels like things are falling into place.

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