Saturday, 23 January 2016

On our way

We have finally started on our journey.  28 hours until we reach our destination.  In Saskatoon we dropped the car off at the hotel and took a taxi to the airport. Kurtis thanked the cab driver by calling him "hon" which had the driver laughing all the way to the airport.
Luckily we got to Saskatoon airport early. They wanted our Vietnam visas - which we don't have. We showed them our visa applications and explained we were told the rest occurs at the airport. After extensive discussion, showing the officials the instructions for the visas etc. The still indicated we didn't have what was needed. In the attempt to show them we did have what was needed I showed them the email on my phone.....and opened an attachment which none of the three of us had looked (or remembered looking at) before. This was the letter with the official seal. I forwarded this to the Air Canada rep and he printed off three copies for us. Panic attack over. Arrived at Vancouver airport - 5 hour lay over. We are now boarding for Taipei, 11 hrs and 35 min. 


  1. One little hiccup to remember the trip by..

  2. Omg...glad it worked out! I'm following you! Lol

  3. Omg...glad it worked out! I'm following you! Lol