Sunday, 17 January 2016

Almost ready

For those of you who have already stumbled onto my blog - sorry - I'm still learning and my first few posts were just checking out things. I was intending (but no longer) on taking a laptop, but the limits on my luggage don't allow such, so I'm just taking my cellphone. The resources on the the Blog App for phones, is different than from a computer - with limitations.

I'm packed. Almost totally. We are only taking carry on's, as this will eliminate the confusion at trying to get our bags at the airport and make it much easier to travel on tuk-tuks, motorcycles, rickshaws, etc.

 This picture is showing my luggage from past trips, and how I'm downsizing for this trip. I have to admit, my carry-on is stuffed - no saddlebags to put in the extras. I even have a pair of walking sandals tucked in.

Part of the problem is the weather - in China it is still winter. So, I will most likely be wearing everything at once. However, in Cambodia, my running shoes and light jacket will be hanging from my pack back.

Just five more sleeps until we leave. So many little things left to do...........

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