Monday, 25 January 2016

January 25th

Our hotel includes breakfast and as much as you want to eat. However we started the day early in the morning with a walk in the community to see the shops being set up. During the light of the day and a less crowded time we were brave enough to stroll down some very narrow lanes that seemed intimidatingthe previous evening.  No matter how narrow the lane is, shops are set up.
We walked to Hoang Kim lake and how to return some evening to see the area lit up with lights.  Our walk continued to the history museum. This took us into a neighborhood very different than where our hotel is - no shops are set up on the streets, garbage cans are available and we walk past the Hilton Hotel, Parada store and the famous opera house. Definately a more prosperous area.

We have lunch in a nice restaurant for $4.50 each, drink including.  After touring a museum we decided to take a taxi back costing about $3.00 for the 3 of us. After a short rest we went out for supper and found it raining.  The hotel handed us umbrellas as we walked out and we went to the same place as we had the previous  night. Food and service was good. About $4.00 each. 

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