Sunday, 17 April 2016

Puerto Vallarta - Vacation is over April 15th

I had intended on using my previous blog entry to share what changes I had seen in P.V.. Although I mentioned some items, I got sidetracked. So....
• P.V. now has two Casino's. Previously there was one in the Hotel Zone. Now there is one in the downtown area just a short distance from the Rosetta Hotel at the beginning of the malecon.
• there is a very large sports area across from the Sheraton Hotel. There is a running track, soccer field, children's play area and outdoor stationery exercise equipment.
• the timeshare and holiday club people are still in abundance. However when I was not enticed by activities  (I've done them all). They offered money instead.  I attended a holiday club presentation and received  $2500 pesos. If I was willing to attend a second they would give me $3000 pesos - Mexican holidays have just become even more economical. For three hours of my time - including the time to the location and back... I received a tour of another location, taxi rides to and from, breakfast and $2500pesos.  The bonus was - this was the most low key presentation I have ever been too. It would have been much shorter but the agent and I began sharing holiday pictures.
• the Galeria Shopping Mall cinema also show movies in English with Spanish subtitles.
• there is an ecological preserve with in Puerto Vallarta very close to the marina. A crocodile from that area has now made its home in the marina - no swimming in the marina now.

Now some pictures of P.V.

And more P.V. sunset pictures.

Some of the people reading this blog may know my hobby is doing balloons sculptures. I met Mario a balloon twister on the Malecon and shared some new balloons with him.  As well, I helped out the entertainment crew at my hotel one day by making balloons for the kid - and adults.

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