Friday, 15 July 2016

July 14 On my way to Costa Rica

Just to update those people who are following my blog (yeah! over 1,500 page views). I had initially intended on taking a motorbike trip to British Columbia. I wanted to visit my cousin Jay and his family as well as some old friends that I hadn't seen for a long time (Greg, Ken, etc). However,  we have been having an excessive amount of rain in Saskatchewan and the idea of traveling in the rain, camping in the rain was quickly losing its appeal. One evening while shopping at Wal-Mart I ran into a acquaintance and we started talking about our recent trips and decided to take a trip together..... somewhere - economically. I have known Val for over 16 years. We worked in the same building, same floor but different departments for over 12 years. We shared information through casual conversations while riding the elevator, seeing each other in the halls,  etc. But have never even shared a coffee together. In our brief conversations we knew we shared enough commonalities that we should be able to travel together. For example; she likes to travel cheap as the more cheap trips a person takes - it frees up money for further travel. As well, she can travel with just a carry on. I do love all-inclusive 4* vacations, but I truly love the adventures when travelling in a country moving from one location to another; shopping, eating, walking with the locals.

After a couple of discussions we decided to go to Costa Rica. Val has been to Costa Rica twice, both trips last year, and says she wasn't done exploring Costa Rica as yet. Val is more adventurous than I and has stayed in hostels in many locations and has rented vehicles in Mexico and Central America countries as well as in Europe. This is going to be a great vacation.

I booked the flights and layover hotel. Val booked the first four night in C.R. and a rental vehicle.

Our first flight was from Saskatoon to Calgary at 1030 am. We then had a 7 hour layover in Calgary. We talked and read our books. From Calgary we flew to Houston, Texas for a 9.5 hour layover.

The benefits of having just carry-ons allowed up to look for a hotel shuttle quickly. Our flight arrived at 11:25 pm.  The last shuttle was at 12 midnight.  We found our way fairly quickly to the outside of the airport and with very little difficulty found the hotel shuttle area. Val noticed the Red Roof Shuttle pulling away and she quickly ran and waved it down. We just made it! The hotel is basic, clean, continental breakfast and free shuttle to and from the airport for $94 cn.

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