Friday, 19 August 2016

August 19 -Puffin watching

Today we have a Puffin Tour arranged.  We were scheduled to leave the old harbour at 12:30, so we decided to return to the area to do some more shopping.  Macayle had seen some items on our first day that she wants to purchase. We were hoping to find the items at a cheaper price throughout the week but the prices were pretty well consistent wherever we went. Cheapest t-shirts were 3,000isk ($30.00). Nothing was inexpensive. A package of 3 disposable razors was 2,700isk. Parking on the street is 250isk per hour (no discount for a full day).

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the same stores from before, but some similar ones and found a parking spot that we could shop and walk to the old harbour. Macayle made her purchases and we walked to the harbour. Right by the harbour we saw another hot dog stand - as we had seen a previous day, the lineup was incredibly long, so we didn't join in.

The walk was longer than I thought. The walking we have been doing has finally worn me out. My feet are very sore.

We saw jelly fish swimming in the habour. We found our location and  began our Puffin tour. The boat is quite small given all the tourists and there is not enough seating room for everyone. Luckily I was able to get a spot on the bench.

We cruised around two islands and saw several puffins from a distance. Because of low tide we were unable to get as close to the islands as the captain wanted. Most of the puffins we saw were swimming in the water or flying low over the water. I had hoped we would be able to get much closer.

After the tour and our long walk back to the car we made our way to the thermal beach just outside of Reykjavik, Nauthólsvik. After several missed turns we found it - and it's closed. Apparently as of August 15th, the swimming area is on winter hours and only open between 11am and 1pm, with extended hours Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.  Today is Friday. It is a totally man-made beach with the sand hauled in, but they pump hotspring water into the ocean allowing a person to swim north of 66°. As well they have two hottub (hotpot) areas to sit in.

Today was one of our shortest days and we still walked nearly 9,000 steps- accordingly to Fitbit and S-health. We are both ready for a resting day.

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