Monday, 22 August 2016

August 20-21 - last two days in Iceland before we leave

We were exhausted and needed some down time given all the walking we had been doing. On Saturday we slept in and when we woke we played cards and more cards.

We eventually went for a drive,, bought some groceries and gas. We had a late lunch at KFC. On the way back we found a nice little community park and walked around.
In the evening we went Pokémon hunting and then watched more Netflix. Saturday was the first day it didn't rain.

Sunday morning we got up early, as we have a trail ride scheduled with The Laxnes Family Farm. We arrived there on time and soon were suited up in rain gear, mitts and riding hat. Icelandic horses are much smaller than other horses. The importing of horses to Iceland is prohibited and exported horses are not allowed to return. This helps keep the breed pure. The Icelandic horses have two more gaits which most horses do not. Besides walking, trotting and canter. Icelandic horses also have the gaits 'flying pace' and the 'tölt'.

Macayle got a horse called Pinocchio; my horse was called Benjamin. The shorter stature of the horse made it much easier to get on.  The saddle doesn't have a horn on it. The saddles used are called D&P saddles (dig and pinch). There was over 30 people on the ride and 6 guides. The ride was almost 2 hours.  At the half way mark we had a bit of a rest and the group split into two - those who wished to go fast and those who wished to go slow. We decided to remain with the slow group.

Even though it was raining or misting the whole ride it was still an enjoyable time.

Once we returned we went for supper at a cute restaurant just a block from our place. Macayle had a hamburger and fries and said it might have been the best hamburger she had ever had. I had a steak and fries, also very good. We also had dessert. Macayle had a sorbet that was in a parfait glass - three flavors,  lemon, peach and strawberry.  I think she was very hungry. The menu at restaurant didn't have a lot of choices but had good food. Macayle and I noticed many meals being served had baked potatoes - this meant they were having either horse, whale or lamb. For some reason we felt it was better to believe everyone was eating lamb. (Definitely a culture thing) After supper we walked around the community playing Pokémon.

Tomorrow we are leaving 😟

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