Saturday, 27 February 2016

Siem Reap February 15

Sharon and Kurtis are arriving this evening.  I started out my day with a walk to the bank. After a discussion with a Tuk-tuk driver, he took me to a locals market on the other side of town called Loe Market. It was in a huge complex and spilled out of every side.  I think they sold everything but cars. In the fabric area they had tailors making dresses, doing alterations. In the jewelry area there were jewelry makers. Pharmacies were sprinkled throughout.  T.V.'s were being sold but I didn't see any flat screens.  Many of the items I had seen in the night market by my hotel were being sold by lots here. I think I found the location the vendors buy their stuff to sell to the tourists. It was also unusual that even when I looked at something, I wasn't approached by anyone to negotiate.  I don't think they really wanted me here. 

Eventually I walked down the street and found a restaurant. I chose an item from the picture menu. A delicious Khmer soup with Tamerinds and lime. I also had an iced tea.  When I attempted to get a refill, the young waitress appeared to try so hard to please me that she took the tea pot (hot) from the next table and started to refill my glass. I stopped her and she went and found someone who had a little English.  I got my ice tea and each time the waitress came by afterwards, she giggled.

Back to the hotel for a rest - again it was hot. Went for another walk later that afternoon - there are so many streets to explore. There are a lot of construction projects,  the roads are getting upgrades; Siem Reap is a popular tourist spot and the community is preparing for a greater influx in the future. However they are already havong problems with lack of skilled, english speaking staff. Many businesses have signs posted for employment. One business offered signing bonus for new staff.

I continued to walk  on the streets that are red - the dirt is as red or redder Tha P.E.I. dirt, and it appears finer. My white shirt is now unwearable. The fine dust has stuck in  the seams and I can't wash it out.

Kurtis and Sharon finally arrive. They get check in and we walk to pub street for supper and have pizza cooked in a stone oven. 

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