Saturday, 27 February 2016

Siem Reap -February 16 Temples

Finally we are off to Angkor Wat. It feels like I've been waiting for years to see this. We hire a tour guide on site and we quickly decide he is worth the price. He provides the history of the area and acts as a photographer as well, helping to create some very fun moments. This of course causes copycats and eavesdroppers which tics our guide off a bit- oh well not much he can do about it.

The guide provided detailed history information that we were semi-interested in, but he provided us other interesting tidbits. He explained why some of the stone blocks had holes in them and why the others didn't - the ones with holes had been brought to this location by elephants and the holes were the means to tie the blocks together for transportation.  The blocks without holes were brought by boats on the river or manually by other means.

The guide took us to the echo chamber where people would chant their requests to the gods. Although our voices didn't echo much - when we stood with our blacks against the wall and thumped our chests we could hear - and feel the echo. Yes Sharon, Kurtis and I were thumping our chests. We didn't climb to the high point of Angkor Wat as the line up was extremely long - they only allow so many people up at once.

We then went to the Bayon Temple complex. It was a massive city at one time and has numerous large ruins within the temple walls. Just through the first gate we saw monkeys. We stopped to feed them some bananas,

After the temples we had our Tuk-tuk driver to take us around the town. He kept trying to drop us off at museums, tourists venues, artisian locations. Eventually he dropped us off at the hotel. We then went for supper at a place across from our hotel. Given it is off the "tourist" grid by a block or two the prices are ridiculously cheap and the food is amazingly good.
Later we walked down mainstream and Pub Street. In the evening, the area has a Mardi Gras feeling. There are street vendors,  music, lights and interesting people watching opportunities.  Sharon and I then sat on a large aquarium on the main street sidewalk with small fish that eat dead skin. The ultimate pedicure. Kurtis did not wish to join us but did have a foot/neck massage. Sharon and I enjoyed the sights while having our feet nibbled on and then finished up with a half hour food massage for $3.00.

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