Saturday, 27 February 2016

Siem Reap February 18th

We decided this day needs to be a no tour, easy day. Time for shopping and organizing as Sharon and Kurtis are leaving for Phnom Penh tomorrow and I'm leaving for China.
We shopped, sat and had a few drinks, then shopped and sat and had a few drinks, we shopped...repeat, repeat.

We also went for another massage. Sharon and I opted for the full hour $5 full/calf massage, they also did a little neck and back massage. Kurtis did a half hour.  This time  the massages were even better, they had a different technique.

We tried out another restaurant that was truly not a tourist location. The menu you have English translations but the translation really didn't explain what the item was. The food was awesome. I'm including a couple pages of the menu for your entertainment - if you are interested I can send you all of them.

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